I haven't written much the past few days with all the coming and going. But it was good to have brother Bruce and nieces Lydia and Deidre here for Thanksgiving. They are three of my favorite people in the world. They left Sunday morning and I went back to bed.
I have a Leatherman and a Swiss Army Knife. What more could a man want? Quite a bit, actually. The writing prompts I missed helped me think about that as each flowed into the next.
Abundance - There is an abundance of joy in the universe. The more I give away, the more I have. Conversely, the more I hoard my joy the less I have.
Ten minutes - About the time it takes me to pray my night prayers or make a trip around the rosary. I can certainly commit to writing for ten minutes in my journal each day.
Unlock - I find that Amanda's writing prompts unlock my ability to write reflectively. I'm glad she is planning on doing another set for December.
Maintain roots - I keep coming back to my little "I will always remember" essay and a few key Bible verses. They are my creed, my self-identity. To practice wellness I have to maintain these deep roots. To be kind and compassionate to others I must be kind and compassionate to myself, not necessarily first, but definitely along-with. The two go hand in hand, they inform each other.
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