CultivateWellness is one of the hashtags for these daily writing prompts. Be intentional about wellness - your own and that of others. Think about it from this angle and that. Do the things that make for wellness.
Weeds and wildflowers happen pretty well on their own; a burned-over meadow is soon full of them. Wheat and corn don't work that way. If I want to have a field of healthy wheat or corn at harvest time, I have cultivate them, preparing the ground, planting the seed, keeping the weeds and wildflowers at bay, and so forth.
Similarly, wellness doesn't just happen; it must be cultivated, which is the point of these two months of writing prompts. (It was also the point of me digging out the cane I made in honor of my herniated disk two years ago. I don't really need it to walk, but the sheer cumbersomeness of it reminds me to slow down and rest and give my strained back a chance to heal.)
For Christians, this is the season of Advent. Last Sunday was the First Sunday of Advent, the Sunday before Christmas will be the Fourth.
The too-muchness and resulting misery of the season happen pretty well on their own. All I have to do is let myself be carried along by the hype, and soon my meadow will be full of them.
Advent, the making space for Jesus who has come and is coming, is something I have to cultivate. Thinking and writing about these prompts is one of the ways I am doing that this year.
Thanks for coming along with me.
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