There is a glimmer of hope that I may keep up with Amanda's prompts for July, which would be a good thing since I am more alive when I am writing. It is like photography in that regard. I see better when I carry the camera and I think better with fountain pen poised over the blank paper.

Glimmer and hope go together. Hope rarely shines with full brightness. Instead it glimmers in the darkness of our days and pulls back the edges of black despair. In hope we decide to hold on, trusting that the full light will yet dawn.

Free-flowing hope buoys us for the moment but cracks apart in the depths of life. For that we crave a hope that is founded on something firmer than a vague feeling that things will somehow work out ok. Because what if they don't? What if the psalms of lament fit better than the psalms of light?

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Thoughts on learning that complications of pancreatic cancer had claimed a highly-respected former group leader at work.

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