I'm not going to make it to Connection Group this evening, so I am posting my response to the discussion question here.
Question: What is one experience you had in the last week that brought you joy.
Friday evening was the opening reception for the show I am in at Image City Photography Gallery. I have a collection of pinhole camera photos in the Neuberger Gallery off to the side, all but two taken with the little wooden Ondu 135 you may have seen me carrying. I had a steady stream of visitors.
I posted a note on Instagram to the fellow I bought the camera from:
pearwoodphoto By the way, folks were fascinated by the Ondu 135 and photos I took with it. I had 12x18 canvas prints from deviantArt. They looked good. I had the camera on a tripod for opening day.
three eyed monster @pearwoodphoto Congratulations, I’m glad the camera has brought you much joy.
That pretty well sums it up.