In what mysterious and marvelous ways are the strands of my life knit together.
Tonight's connection group question for discussion is, If you could change one (or two) thing(s) things you have done, what would it/they be?
I can think of no end of stupid financial decisions I have made over the years and hurtful things I have said and done. Many are the times I have wished for an undo button. Then there are the miseries I could have avoided for myself and others had I been quicker to figure out this or that aspect of my life and character.
These are the everyday things, the daily decisions and nondecisions that shape and color my life. I did what I could with what I had at the time. Some things I got right, some things I got terribly wrong. If you mess up, 'fess up; if you break it, fix it; if you spill it, clean it. Leave things better than you found them. Be kind. Keep on moving forward.
Then there are the big things, questions about God and faith, decisions about education and career, whether and whom to marry, where and how to spend the time, energy, and resources I have been entrusted with?
The challenge is that everything fits together. It is all knit together into one grand tapestry of life. Everything connects to everything. Start tugging on this one odd-looking strand and who knows what might unravel.
By the grace of God, good things may come from bad. If I could go back and change some decision that did not work out as well as I had hoped, would I be willing to give up the good that came from the faulty decision in favor of the yet unknown good I hope would come along the better path?
In what mysterious and marvelous ways are the strands of my life knit together.
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