Yesterday's writing went directly into my blog, which was a switch. Sometimes composing at the keyboard works, but usually I do better with pen or pencil and paper. I write more freely here (my paper journal). I can ignore clumsy thoughts and sentences and move on, rather than feeling the need to polish as I go. It's why artists carry sketchbooks, and why I will get a smaller journal when I fill this one, a bit of a non-sequitur, but more portable that way.

This conversation in not terribly luminous, he said, darkly.

It is possible to work too hard at being luminous; I want light, whether the divine or my own little one, to shine through everything I say, do, or write, or for that matter, photograph. Sometimes the Master's light may shine more brightly when I let myself be a klutz who writes non-sequiturs and photographs what happens to catch my eye without worrying about its significance. "He must have an awfully patient God to put up with such a klutz!"

Let your light so shine before people that they my chuckle at your blundering and glorify your Father who is in Heaven.


Amanda had to let go of the prompts in order to simplify her own life and regain some time and sanity. Her friends and accomplices may be able to pick them up informally. Amanda lives pseudonymously at