Cultivating wellness means making choices. There is no other way.
We did a lot of that today. I say 'we' because it involved my pilates instructor, my wife, my doctor, and myself. Together we decided the current course of action is not working. The lower back is not getting better. I am still on nasty meds. I cannot hit the trail in this condition.
My pilates instructor says she can't work with me until I get a green light from the medical folks. I canceled out of my remaining yoga sessions. The good doctor put me on a heavy-duty anti-inflammatant regimen and agreed that the next step is to talk to the surgeon who did the herniated disk cleanup a year and a half ago. My wife agreed that it was time to move forward.
And I decided that #AppalachianTrail2020 for #Birthday70 is still going to happen.
A. Cultivate wellness.
B. Make choices.
C. Keep moving forward.
D. All of the above.
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