June 16 was my sixty fifth birthday. This is my journal entry from June 24.

The standard response is that sixty five doesn't feel any different from sixty four, but I'm not sure that's true. First there were all the Medicare mailings urging me to sign here to get ready for this Really Big Deal. And, yes, I took my birthday off, which I don't usually do, but Wednesday was a pretty routine day back at work, though one friend and former manager was relieved to hear I wasn't planning to retire any time soon.

It does feel like I've turned a corner, passed an important milestone. But it has been a week of milestones. Lanse turned forty. I said good bye to the 325I and dropped it off at Universal Imports. We signed a contract to put a new roof on the garage. I sent in my registration for the Penfield High School Class of 1968 reunion and combined sixty fifth birthday party. Chuck and Suzy are coming up in July and bringing the urn Chuck made for Dad's ashes. A year and a half later we finally get to commit his remains to the earth as we then committed him to the merciful arms of the Lord.

Old loops are getting closed; I'm looking to the future.