Thomas Merton has a short and delightful chapter on distractions in New Seeds of Contemplation. In a serious book it is a chapter to be read with a chuckle. In effect, says he, distractions happen, don't worry overmuch about them, especially the wild, ribald ones. Keep your will and your love focused on God and don't fret over the wild images that insist on prancing through your head.
(The more damaging distractions are when I drop my purposeful focus on God and direct my attention instead to piously planning my life or other such matters. Let it go, says Merton, this is not the time for that.)
The point of all this is that it is not enough simply to pay attention. I must also pay attention to what it is that I am paying attention to.
I must pay attention to what is important, not first of all to what seems urgent to myself or others.