My artist's statement for the show...

Some photographs invite me to step up and look close. This is how they draw me into their world. I find my pinhole photographs invite me to step back and gaze through their window into the world beyond.

There are three pinhole cameras represented here. Most of the photographs were taken with the Ondu 135 pinhole. "Looking up" I took with my home-modified Argus C3 beer-can pinhole. It is the one photograph with from camera that has stayed up on my wall at home. "Back fence flowers" I took with the Holga 120PC.

Since this show runs through the month of Movember, I thought it appropriate to include before-mow and after-mow selfies.

The Movember Foundation raises money and awareness to combat two leading causes of premature death among men, testicular cancer and suicide. If for women’s cancer the dictum is "feel your boobies", for men it is "know thy nuts". Early detection is the key in both cases. On the mental health side, we men keep to ourselves way too much. The Movember Foundation challenges us to "be men of more words". Talk to each other. Check up on your buddies with pointed questions, and don’t accept the glib answer. Don’t go it alone. If you need help, get help.

Steve Tryon, November 2018
Soli Deo Gloria