There is nothing wrong with decorative quilts, all pretty and formal. I especially like the ones composed of squares contributed by a variety of folks around some common theme.
But for me, the best quilts are the soft, warm, comfy ones I snuggle under or pull around me when the nights are cold.
Bella agrees that this one fills the bill. It's the underquilt for my spiffy new Lawson hammock-tent. I pulled it out after reading today's prompt. (I've been sleeping downstairs in a recliner for the sake of my stiff back. This quilt should work well. I'm glad the prompt reminded me that I had it.)
On the trail I am going to want soft, warm, comfy at night because I am going to be working hard during the day, six months and twenty two hundred miles of working hard.
Rest and work hard. That is my wellness balance.
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