Sweater weather, indeed. Rochester had its first snowfall of the season last night, so it was sweater and coat and gloves and hat weather today. It has been sweater weather for a few weeks. I can't say that I mind; sweater weather is settling into inside habits weather.

I have retreated in from the front porch for my morning and evening reading and prayers to the little desk by the back window in the kitchen annex (that which at one time was the back porch). It is a comfortable place to sit and look out at the weather, sweater or otherwise. I reserve it for reading and praying and writing (and drinking beer). I avoid checking online accounts lest I lose focus on the important things. I keep my Chromebook tucked away where I can pull it out when needed for blog writing and push it back when I'm not needing it. I may have gotten my first PC in 1983, but I don't like the idea of sacrificing my precious desk space to the computer.

I don't know whether life goes at a slower pace or a faster pace when we get into sweater weather; it does, however, go at a different pace as we looked for cozy places to curl up or stretch out. I like it.